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Submarines can go deep

How deep can they go?

This page is didcated to diving and submarines. Scuba gear can only go as deep as 130 feet but with special equipment it can go deeper. Next there is a Jimmy suit this suit is tetherd do a bereathing aperatis and can go as deep as 1440 ft. Military submarines can dive to depths beyond 3000 ft. The actual limit of thier depth is classifyed The Deep Rover which is made for 1 to 2 people has an acylic hull and gives the piolet a three dimentional view. It's range is about 3,300 ft. The Deep Flight 1 is specail type of sub designed like an underwater airplane can also go down to 3,300 ft. The Deep Flight 2 which is still in the drawing board should be able to go ten times as deep. The Alvin is a workhorse research sub which can carry a pilot, and two scientists as well as lights, cameras, hydraulic manipulators and scientific instruments. It's maximum depth is 14,764 ft. The Nautile, Mir 1 and 2, and Sea Cliff are four manned submersibles which belong to France, Russia, and the U.S. respectively all dive to 20,000 ft. Jason/Medes launhced from a sled called Medea, the robot Jason can descend to 21,375 ft. is currently the world's deepest diving manned vehicle. Trieste is essentially a metal sphere suspendedf from a gasoline-filled pontoon, sank to the record depth of 35,800 ft. in the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench in 1960. All of these types of diving equipment are operated by man. The kind of submersible they used to see the Titanic I believe was the Alvin. back to main page

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