Willier File

Joseph A Willier-Denver City Directory

Makes for interesting reading! Here's some of my thoughts. Grand PA's obituary stated he came to Denver in 1907, same year he's in livery Think he had money from the break-up of Willier Constr Co when GGPA died in 1905. Mother was born in 1902 so if Standley Lake came before 1907 doubt she would have any personal knowledge of it at that age. The livery was a failure and he lost a bunch. The many addresses suggests trouble paying the rent. The stint of auctioneer was probably the livery business on the block. In 1912-13 looks stable, possibly on his own as a contractor. I think that Standley Lake was from 1914-?. Margie seems to remember seeing a picture of Ann as a baby at Standley Lake. She was born in 1913. The cutoff date can probably be gotten from mom's school records/years or more digging in the city directory as to when they came back to town. Bridge building would have stated after Standley Lake. Descriptions I remember hearing of the glut of abandoned equipment there. Could make for the start of a new enterprise. http://gowest.coalliance.org/cgi-bin/imager?00073827 http://gowest.coalliance.org/cgi-bin/imager?00072845 http://gowest.coalliance.org/cgi-bin/imager?00073257 http://gowest.coalliance.org/cgi-bin/imager?00073584

Standley Lake Dedication - 1911
Logan Street Bridge 1924 - One of Grandpa's?
Typical Railroad Bridge - Late 1800's
DFD 1900. Bridge across Cherry Creek 14th & Larimer