Summer '99

Currently have nothing going in investigations other than my Galway man. When back in Denver, come Summer, will go after some local information.

From Mother's (Mary H Willier) accounts her Dad, (Joseph A), was involved with the Standley Lake cleanup, but I think most of us know little about Standley Lake.

Here's a great article.

Grandpa Willier was also said to have been involved in bridge building around Denver. Haven't found his name with any projects so I decided to look at the bridges themselves.

Bob Willier provided me with a write-up of the wedding of Thomas E Willier.

It always seemed to me that in those days life moved at a different pace and that they had different values. Their celebrations seemed a little more elegant.

Thomas E Willier married a liitle later in life, only to have this event followed by a tragic death at an early age, some 8 years after his marriage.

There is a genealogy group pushing to make a change in the venerable obituary notice in the newspaper.

I've included an extract from their site.