Date 1892 (deduced from text)

Dear Godfather and Godmother -

I wrote to you 3 yrs. ago about the death of my father and having received no answer from you I think you have not received my letter. I wish to tell all of you, godfather, godmother, and all my cousins good health, success to your enterprises, prosperity and after death eternal life. When I have received some news from you I shall write to you in more detail. As I have told you my father before his death wishes you to authorize me of the same by writing upon your letter if any time one of my aunts was going to die that I could liquidate for you upon the succession and send it to you. My father died the the 3 of Sept. 1889 after suffering much_____. Since then I am with my mother and married sister farming together.

Unknown date

Dear Godf. and Godm.,

I would like to tell you that my aunts, your sisters are getting quite old, above all Aunt Marirose, who has attacks of rheumetism, having for a long time been hardly able to dress herself in the morning. Hyacinth, my aunt Justine and my uncle Boileace are fairly well at present also all of us, myself, my mother, my brother -in-law and my sister and her daughter, my niece of 17 years of age join me in sending the best wishes for a long and happy life. We are all in good health and wish the same for you. As soon as you receive my letter please respond at once. Sending you with love and tenderness all good wishes, and looking forward with great pleasure to a letter from you I remain

Very devotedly yours-------------


Both of these letters were on one page with many additional marks. Sort of leads me to believe it could have been a translation from french. In places the wording is a little akward, trying to find the right meaning when translating.

I believe the letters were to Joseph & Honora Willier from one of the daughters of Remy LeHuillier, Joseph's only brother. The death of her father would have been that of Remy.

The 1st letter seems to be about Joseph trying to be appointed heir in case of any deaths to his brother or sisters.