Ozark Trip

In mid-April we drove to Wichita, KS for the 1st night's stop, then down south through Tulsa, OK and then east to Harrison, AR for the next night.

The landscape was fresh and green in it's spring coat. As we approached Arkansas the terrain changed from relatively flat to very hilly with little flat ground. Seemed like every hill had a house or cabin on top of it.

From Harrison we visited the towns of Yellville and Flippin. The latter is the northern terminal for the White River RR tour. Callico is the southern terminal. All of these towns were on the old Iron Mntn RR railway. Very pretty wooded country.

Next morning we drove north through Branson, MO and on to Crane, MO. This is a route generally following that of the Iron Mntn RR. We were met with a solid bank of local fog at Branson and the only thing that we saw there was the road and that was with some difficuly.

Crane is a nice little town in a picture valley. Tried to find any remnants of the RR bed from Crane to Springfield but without success.

On to Springfield, MO where we met son Paul. We visited the area of the Willier home on N Summit Ave. My scouting of maps showed the area to be part of a park but when we got there we found that the park had stopped one block away and the old homes were intact. The area is now part of the Springfield Historic Mid-town District.

The nearby site of the home of Thomas on N Jefferson however has become a parking lot.

We then visited St Mary's Cemetery at 2400 W Mt Vernon Ave. We found the Willier plot in the NW quadrant. Nearby to the SE was the plot for the Arnold's, Thomas Willier's wife's family and one headstone for a 'Buissart' the mother-in-law's maiden name.

The Willier plot has a central monument surrounded by small, simple, ground headstones for each member. All appeared to be of modern times with the exception of one small, very weathered, headstone stone for an infant of the Thomas Willier's.

See the photos below.

Willier monument - west face
Willier monument - east face
Infant 's headstone