The "Susie Smith Syndrome" - A Common Problem !

When someone clips a family member's obit and sends it to a relative and then–even 20 years later–that relative's daughter starts family genealogy and finds great-aunt Susie's obit ... she doesn't simply read:

"Susie Smith died last Thursday at her lake home.
Services Saturday, 10am at Christ Church"

...and wonder:

WHEN was Thursday? WHAT city?
WHICH Christ Church?

...and, after a few minutes puzzling, gives up and tosses out the obit!

Instead, imagine a code tucked into the obit, such as "A10023N1998FB18"   (fictitious, example only).  She asks a librarian, genealogist or historian about it.   She's told, "Oh, that's the Publisher's Genealogical Coding Service code! Here, let me look that up. That obit was from the Buffalo, NY News; published the 18th of February, 1998!"

What a treasure trove of information from one small code!