One most interesting document that Paul discovered on his last trip to Iowa was the 1925 Census form of 'Bachelor John' Mahoney. In this census there was a column to enter the person's mother's maiden name.

On John's form the entry was Johanna CADDIGAN.

I had trouble getiing any tie to the CURRIGANS, located almost exclusively in counties Mayo & Roscommon, a goodly number of miles from county Cork.

The CADDIGANS were resident in County Cork.

Inquiring from a 'volunteer CD lookup', I received this in reply:


Listing in the database: Irish to America, 1846-1865

Caddigan, Johanna       Age : 20         Country of Origin : Ireland         Date of Arrival : May 5, 1848         Final Destination : USA         Gender : Female         Occupation : Laborer         Port of Debarkation : New York         Ship's Name : Lucy Ann         Manifest ID Number : 2691         Port of Embarkation : Cork                 Purpose for Travel : Staying                 in USA, but not a citizen of                 USA                       Mode of Travel : Steerage

I inquired about Caddigans in the good old Griffith's Valuation. I added the Parish IDs and listed some Mahoneys parish IDs for comparison.