Back in the '50's Jack & I used to go on fishing trips. One time we had another couple of guys join us on a fishing trip to the Frying Pan River, at Basalt, near Aspen.

Since it was a good distance, particularly with a pre '50 vintage car, we set it up to leave about 2 o'clock in the morning so as to be there early.

Jack was the last to be picked up. When we got to his house he was just coming home from a party, and still in a party mood. We gathered up his fishing gear and poured him into the car.

As was our usual habit we stopped along the way at some small town cafe for breakfast. Jack's festive mood had taken a sudden turn towards pain. He was not a well man. We dragged him in to see if maybe some coffee might help. I still remember when it came his time to order. He said, "I'll have a cup of coffee and a bowl of aspirin."

We arrived at our goal and set out in pairs. Jack was my 'buddy'. Normally when fishing with a buddy, one would fish one spot then the other would come around him to fish the next spot, alternating as you went.

I had fished my spot for some time and hadn't seen Jack come around me so I backtracked to see where he was. I found him sound asleep on the bank of the river. I'd get him going again and same thing next time

Finally talked him into going back to the car, where I figured he'd be more comfortable. I fished 'til mid-morning and decided to take a break and go back to the car to see how the patient was doing.

On arriving at the car, found it locked and no sign of Jack. I said to myself, oh, oh what now? It slowly dawned on me that there was something making a noise under the car. Not knowing what it might be, I backed away to a safer distance and peered cautiously underneath. Lo and behold, it was Jack, snoring peacefully away.

Phil Mahoney
(So help me God!)