Missouri and Pacific Railways and Iron Mountain Routes

I bid on an old advertisement on Ebay but lost out when the bidding got too high for me. I did manage to copy down the text which follows:

Missouri and Pacific Railways and Iron Mountain Routes

Connecting with .....

the commercial centers and rich farms of MISSOURI

the broad corn and wheat fields and thriving towns of KANSAS

the fertile river valleys and trade centers of NEBRASKA

the grand, picturesque and enchanting scenery, and the famous mining districts of COLORADO

the agricultural, fruit, mineral and timber lands, and famous hot springs of ARKANSAS

the beautiful rolling prairies and woodlands of the INDIAN TERRITORY *

the sugar plantations of LOUISIANA

the cotton and grain fields, the cattle ranges and winter resorts of TEXAS

historic and scenic OLD AND NEW MEXICO and forms, with its connections**

the popular winter route to ARIZONA AND CALIFORNIA

Dated: June 30, 1899

* I was hard pressed to find the location of "Indian Territory" as of 1899. It was Oklahoma.

** This is an exact quote. Don't know if it's an error or if it was meaningful in those days.