The Caddigan Expose

Paul has been continuing his search for the Mahoney roots. The following is an extract of a note to me.

....regarding "Caddigan" - The 1925 Iowa Census also had an entry for the Ford family that was related to the Mahoneys. The Wife, Margaret, was a Mahoney. She also listed Caddigan as her mother's maiden name!

The eldest daughter: Mary Mahoney. (became a Morrison and moved to Oklahoma in the land rush of 1899 I think) She was supposedly born in Massachusetts. However, whenever I have tried to look her up I get a Mary Mahoney born to a Mahoney/Curren household. This is the family that I documented as the "parallel" family in one of my letters. I had always supplied Mahoney/Currigan as suggested household names.

Well guess what.

When I suggested Mahoney/Caddigan I found a new Mary Mahoney! Mary Mahoney: born July 19, 1851 in Adams, MA to Michael and Joanna Mahoney!

Bingo, I think I found her!


His information strongly points to the name "Caddigan" rather than the earlier "Currigan" premise for Johanna's surname.

The town of Adams, MA is some 150 miles west of Boston. Albany, NY a key point on the Erie Canal system is about 50 miles to the west of Adams.

The next-born of Michael & Johanna was Margaret. The location was somewhere in Ohio in the year 1853.

There were many routes from the Erie Canal southward. At this point we can only guess as to the the route and the Ohio location. The prime means of travel at this time were still the canals and the rivers. The downstream float on a river was dependable and inexpensive.

There is some interesting and informative reading in the following links and links within.

This is an extract from 'Western Immigration'.....

".......The Schramm family, immigrants from Germany, left New York for Indiana in 1835, arriving twenty days later. They traveled up the Hudson River to Albany by steamboat, to Buffalo by canalboat, to Cleveland by steamboat, to the Ohio River by canalboat, and then by river boat to Cincinnati, completing their trip to Indiana by rough wagon ride over Indiana roads. ....."

This family apparently knew their destination and had money for fares. Generally this was not so for the poor Irish immigrant.

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