In trying to connect Joseph A. Willier with bridge building, I wondered if there was anything to be learned by exploring the 'bridge' side. Through inquiries to the Coloado Historical Society regarding bridge building in Denver, they provided me with some material. Here are some excerpts from them.

From Denver-Bridges & Viaducts VF 978.81


Our Bridges and Viaducts

The first bridge constructed in Denver was across Cherry Creek, connecting the towns of Auraria and Denver City located on either side of the creek. This bridge was built in 1860, the money being provided by popular subscription.

The first bridge across the South Platte River connecting Denver with what is now North Denver was built about 1863, the money being furnished partly by the towns on either side or the river - that is, Highlands and Denver City.

In 1875 the Denver City Council passed an ordinance for the consruction of a bridge across the Platte on 19th Street.

1888 The 16th St. Viaduct was built

1892 The 14th St. Viaduct was built

1894 The 23rd St. Viaduct was built

1908 The 20th St. Viaduct was built

From DENVER - Mining Camp to Metropolis
by Stephen J. Leonard and
Thomas J. Noel

"....Between 1882 and 1900, the city appropriated more than $650,000 for 11 bridges over Cherry Creek, 2 bridges over the South Platte and 3 viaducts spanning the river and the railroad tracks."

"... grade schools 21,067 pupils in 1903.The high schools -- East, West, Manual and North -- counted 2,302."

From MUNICIPAL FACTS, September-October, 1927

At Bannock Street and Eighth Avenue

The approach from Eighth Avenue, across the Bannock Street bridge, has been completed, giving two main avenues of thoroughfare across this bridge, one on Bannock and the other on Eighth Avenue, and making this virtually a double bridge.

At Forty-sixth Avenue, Globeville

There is a fine new bridge across the Platte River in Globeville. The river channel has been straightened and widened and flood prevention work in this district has been added to the general administration plan of taming the Platte River.

At Speer Boulevard and Thirteenth Avenue

Work is now in progress on the Thirteenth Avenue Bridge, which is another link in the chain of bridges that span Cherry Creek.

At Thirteenth Avenue and Zuni Street

The Thirteenth Avenue Bridge, across the Platte River, has been completed and makes a fine new avenue for traffic between West and North Denver.

On Fifteenth Street, Arapahoe to Welton

The installation of traffic signals between Arapahoe and Welton Streets is another advance in the regulation of downtown traffic. Watch for the red stop signals and drive only through the green lights.

From MUNICIPAL FACTS, May-June, 1924

A City Plan for Half-a-million Population.

"In the retail and financial district, about 15 per cent of the area is occupied by buildings of more than four stories. Under the present building height regulations the limit is twelve stories. Assuming that even one-half this area were covered with buildings of between four and twelve stories, it is estimated that the streets would have to accomodate several times the number of people who now use them. This is manifestly impossible with the the present street system and regulation of vehicles, some streets being already filled to capacity during rush hours."


It makes for interesting reading, but doesn't give any real time-table for the 11 bridges across Cherry Creek. The Logan Street bridge shown in FAMILYROOM isn't mentioned. Have heard from several that the 38th Street underpass was one of Joseph A's projects, also not mentioned.

In conclusion, no conclusion.