John Ball +
  Catharine Lester 
  2. Peter Ball        
  +Plain Wilkinson 
    3. Martha Ball
       +Daniel Pennington 
    3. Jamima Ball                        
    3. Thomas Ball 
       4. Amos 
          + Nancy Ann (Condon/Condron) 
             5. John Ball   b: 1812 Penn 
                  + Lydia Gillam 
                 6. James Washington Ball  
                    +Matilda Ballard 
                   7. Lydia Ellen Ball 
                   7. Thomas Morris Ball 
                   7. Miriam Alice Ball
                   7. Martha Elizabeth Ball 
                   7. Serrilda Jane (Jenny) 
                   7. John Wesley Ball 
                   7. Mary Ann Ball 
                   7. James Abner Ball 
                   7. Maud Matilda Ball 

John Ball was born about 1664 in England or 
Wales (see Early Friends Families of Upper 
Bucks" by Roberts.  He was Quaker and came to 
this country and was one of the first 
settlers in what was known as the Great Swamp 
(Bucks Co., Pa.)  Peter Lester was also one 
of the early settlers.  John Ball married the 
daughter of Peter and Mary(Duncoff/Duncalf) 
Lester.  Catharine Lester was born 1691, 
Chester County, PA.  She and John married in 
1710/1711 (Records are found in Gwynedd MM 
records and Abington MM records)
Their children were:

Peter and Plain (Wilkinson) Ball were married 
at Wrightstown MM in Bucks County, Pa in 
January 1738. ( See Quaker records)
Children were
Martha (married Daniel Pennington)
Jamima (probably married _______Griffith)
Thomas (married Jane)
Amos (married Martha Boring*see the 
information on the Ball page at Silver chat*)
Amos ball served in The Rev War (a 
replacement for his brother in law Griffith)  
(from Rev War pension papers for Amos)
Catharien (probably married 
____________Randall)  (Gunpowder MM records)

Peter and Plain moved to Gunpowder MM in 
Baltimore County,MD in 1760.(Wrightstown and 
Gunpowder MM records)
The rest of John and Catharine's children 
stayed in Bucks County.  (Roberts book and 
Richland MM records)

Peter paid taxes as late as 1783 in Baltimore 
County  (Tax lists Baltimore County)
That is the last reference I have to Peter 
and Plain.  I do not know where or when they 
Martha and Daniel Pennington moved to 
Huntingdon County, ( PA.Gunpowder and 
Warrington MM records)
Thomas Ball may have moved to Huntingdon 
County, Pa.  That is my theory
Amos Ball after the Rev War moved to Tenn  
(Pension papers)
I have no information about Jamima and 

Amos the son of Thomas and Jane (this 
information is from the Bible records and I 
have never been able to find proof of any 
kind) married Nancy Ann Condon.  Her obituary 
states she was born in Huntingdon County, 
PA.  They moved to Lancaster County PA 
because their son John Ball was born there 22 
Feb in 1812.  They later moved to Medina 
County, Ohio and in 1829 moved in October to 
Carroll County, IN.  (US census, Carroll 
County History) John Ball was married there 
to Lydia Gillam daughter of Jonathan Gillam 
and Nancy Martin. (Jonathan was the son of 
Jonathan Gillam born 1753 in Lancaster Pa.  
He served in the Rev War.)  Aunt Jenny 
(*Serrilda Jane* sister of Meriam)  joined 
the DAR on his record.  (The research for 
Jonathan was done by Crider a long time ago 
about 1924 or so.  It is still considered to 
be the athority on this family I think.)
Lydia died in 1848.  John married Mary 
Mcguire and later moved to Story Couuty Ia 
were he was one of the first settlers.  
Simeon Ballard father of Matilda and Serrilda 
was one of the first white settlers in Story 
County, Ia.  
John's son James Washington Ball married 
Matilda Ballard in Story County in 1855.  
another son Thomas Alexander Ball married 
Serrilda Ballard, the twin sister of Matilda 
Ballard in Story County in 1856.  Both James 
and Thomas served in the Civil War.  
John Ball eventually moved to Arapahoe Ne 
were he died in 1897 (?) there is some 
question about the year.  
James and Matilda lived in several places in 
Nebraska my grandfather John Wesley (Jack) 
Ball was born at Rose Creek.  They lived at 
Trenton I think that is in Furnas County.  
Eventually they moved to Gering Ne.  They are 
buried in the cemetery there.  We recently 
had the stone reset.  It is a lovely cemetery 
and some of the other family are also burried 
there.  Aunt Jenny, My parents and a sister, 
My grandparents Jack and Mona Ball . and 
  My parents were Kenneth Edward Ball third son of Jack and Mona (Wymona) and Mildred Maria Preston.  Our family consisted of :  Wymona Lou, Betty, James,(Jim) me Alice, and Jerri.  Mona Lou died at the age of 10.  The rest of us are still around.  
Hope that clears up some things.  Please ask questions as I would rather have the record not confused because I mistyped something or didn't make things clear.
  Alice Ball Staves