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Telluride Mushroom Conference graphic

The Telluride Mushroom Festival is scheduled for

August  2001

The Telluride Mushroom Festival is designed for persons interested in expanding their knowledge of edible, gourmet, medicinal, poisonous and entheogenic wild mushrooms. Major consideration will be given to the cultivation of diverse mushroom species, emphasizing practical principles and techniques.

The Festival will be held in Telluride, an historic Colorado mining town on the western slope of the Rocky Mountain Continental Divide. The forests in the Telluride area generally produce a wide variety of wild mushrooms, particularly edible species.

  • Daily forays will be held in the surrounding mountains to collect edible and poisonous species and study their field characteristics.
  • Conference facilities include appropriate meeting rooms and campsites. More elaborate accommodations are available locally. Meat and non-meat nutritious meals will be served.
  • Telluride is located in southwest Colorado about 325 miles from Denver, 125 miles from Grand Junction, and 65 miles from Montrose, Colorado. The area is accessible by air, auto, bus and rail.
  • The late summer climate in the Colorado high country is lovely with warm, sunny days and cool nights. Warm clothing is required.

    *Mention the Mushroom Festival for discount lodging through Telluride Resort Accommodations: Out of state (800)538-7754; In State (970)728-6160.

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