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Selected Articles from Spores Afield

Newsletter of the Colorado Mycological Society

Questions and Answers by Marilyn Shaw, Toxicology chair

On Finding Morels by George Davis,
Pikes Peak Mycological Society

The Dangers of Gyromitra esculenta by Jim Dunham AND More on Gyromitra by Marilyn Shaw, Toxicology

CMS Members Invited to Native Plants Symposium By Kathy Peterson

Cultivation Corner I Introduction by Marc-Andrew Donsky
Cultivation Corner II Growth on Grain by Marc-Andrew Donsky
Cultivation Corner III Growth on Compost by Marc-Andrew Donsky
Cultivation Corner IV Pests and Diseases by Marc-Andrew Donsky
Cultivation Corner V Growing mushrooms on logs by Marc-Andrew Donsky

Does winter snow make mushrooms grow? by Ellen Jacobson

Heavy Metal Contamination in Colorado by Larry Renshaw

Identifying Agaricus in Colorado by Ellen Jacobson

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