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Colorado Mushroomers Message Center

If you live in Colorado or are planning a visit to the state and would like to contact other mushroom hunters, send us an e-mail message and we will post it here. If you are visiting, please include the dates you will be in the state.

From: Dr. Dennis E. Desjardin

Subject: Boletus samples needed for scientific study

I am writing to ask you to please put out the request to members of CMS for fresh specimens of Boletus edulis, B.barrowsii and the "red-topped bolete" (from southern CO and AZ, NM).  I have a new graduate student who will be working on this complex to try to figure out exactly what B. edulis is in North America and who all is related to it.  What we would like to get from your area is some fresh material if possible.  Now what I really mean by fresh material is small pieces of pileus context and tubes placed in a small vial or test tube, covered with ethanol, sealed, labeled and sent to us along with the dried specimen from which the fresh material was taken (as a voucher and for microscopic analysis). Could you please ask members of CMS to collect a few fruitbodies of these species (B. edulis, B. barrowsii, others you think are porcini) and send me a little as described above? We need the freshly preserved material for better DNA extraction (although we should be able to get undegraded DNA out of the new dried material.

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