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What CMS Does

What is Mycology?

  • Mycology is the study of fungi, including wild mushrooms. What is the Colorado Mycological Society? A group of people with diverse interests including socializing, hiking, nature study, photography and edible wild foods. Their common focus is an interest in learning more about wild mushrooms.

How long has the Colorado Mycological Society been in existence?

  • The Colorado Mycological Society is a nonprofit corporation established in 1967 to advance the understanding of, and to stimulate interest in, the field of mycology. Our members collect specimens for identification, preservation and study. CMS is affiliated with the North American Mycological Association [NAMA]. CMS provides consulting services to the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Rocky Mountain Poison Center, County agents and others.

When does CMS meet?

  • We meet once a month from March through October. Meetings are usually held on the second Monday night of each month. CMS meetings provide an informal opportunity to socialize and exchange information with others interested in mycology. Each meeting features a lecture and/or slide presentation on mycology or a related subject. Speakers include nationally known mycologists, outside specialists and knowledgeable members.

What does CMS do?

  • Knowledgeable CMS members lead mushroom forays (outings) to different locations around the state. We collect and study all kinds of mushrooms on these forays. We usually have them on Saturday or Sunday. There are forays almost every weekend from mid-June through mid-September. We leave in the morning and are usually back by mid-afternoon. You must be a member of CMS to attend our forays. Forays are probably the best way to learn to recognize different kinds of Colorado wild mushrooms. They are also a good way to meet interesting people.
  • CMS periodically offers classes in beginning mushroom identification for members and the general public. We also sponsor classes on growing edible mushrooms and mushroom photography.
  • CMS offers free use of its mycology reference library to CMS members. You can check out field guides and other books at no charge. We also offer a variety of new books and tee shirts for sale at each meeting.
  • We hold a Mushroom Fair each year in August at the Denver Botanic Gardens to educate the general public and club members about wild mushrooms. August is the height of the mushroom season in Colorado, and members from around the state bring in a large variety of mushrooms for identification and display. The fair is open to the general public on Sunday. It is a great time to learn more about mushrooms!
  • We sponsor an annual mushroom photography contest for members.
  • CMS publishes Spores Afield, a nationally recognized mycological newsletter containing news from across the state and around the nation.

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