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This is Silver, a prominent supporter in the hamster world. Please visit his home page and get to know him better.

Dear Ms. Gangette,

    I am only three weeks old, but I feel that hamsters are the only logical choice to run the country.

    A Mad House Hamster Baby

    I, Lionel D. Hampster, do hereby and with great fur endorse Mad Hamster Gangette for the 2000 Political Circus.
    Hamsters are naturals at the political scene and needn't worry about impeachment, as they don't eat fruit (hey...whadday want...I'm a hamster, not a political scientist!)
    I hereby toss my vote in for this worthwhile guy...or girl...and I swear that I have taken no political favors, sundflower or pumpkin seeds for my endorsement.

Lionel Hampster

My name is The Little Beaver, or TLB for short. I heartily endorse Ms. Ganjette and Scratch. I've been running extra time in my wheel to get in shape for the long, hard campaign trail ahead. I call all hamsters...prepare your selves, exercise and eat your yogurt drops and sunflower seeds. We Must Win. We, as hamsters, are our country's only hope.

      I'd like to take a moment to talk to you about something very important to me, and to you -- the future of the United States.
      My esteemed comrade, Ms. Ganjette, is asking for your vote to be your commander-in-chief, and I say you can do no greater service for your country than to go into the voting booth on that November day two years from now and tell the world that you want a hamster to lead this country into the next century.
      I could go on, but I'd prefer to quote one of my favorite artists, Bob Dylan. In his song "It's alright, ma..." he wrote:
"While preachers preach of evil fates
Teachers teach that knowledge waits
Can lead to hundred-dollar plates
Goodness hides behind its gates
But even the president of the United States
Sometimes must have
To stand naked."

      Well, I'm not sure what that first stuff means (I wasn't around in the sixties), but having seen a powerful president, a potentially great and brilliant leader, cowering behind subterfuges and legalisms, the words of the poet ring loud and clear to me: The honest heart has nothing to hide.
      Let me tell you something, folks. Hamsters start naked and they finish naked. Their aim is pure and their conscience clear. I say let the hamster lead! And know that she'll always be there, standing at the helm of your ship of state, naked as the day she was born. The White House is your house...make it a hamster house!

Skura, the Wonderful Ham

Hammy & Aramis send hearty endorsements!! I (Aramis) especially- think Gangette is a FINE-Looking ham ;-) and we both give our support!!

Photo of Aramis courtesy of SKMireles and Mad House Hamsters

Hammy & Aramis

"I proudly raise my hand
to be counted amongst those
who plan to vote Hamster.
It's the smart choice.

---Baxter Winslow McKiney

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Hamster Dancers
in a salute to the
Ganjette and Scratch
Hamster for President

ATTENTION HAMMIES: As the months pass and the election of 2000 gets closer, Ms. Ganjette, Scratch, and the whole Hamster for President party are actively seeking endorsements from their furry friends all over the world. If you would like to submit a statement of support (100 words limit) and a picture, please use the Ms. Ganjette button below to submit the text and send the picture (*.gif or *.jpg) as an attached file.

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Thank You!!!

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