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Please help us locate my coat that was stolen

Please help me find my coat. My grandparents had a coat painted for me at the 1999 ASCA National Specialty in September. This coat is a youth XL baseball style coat, blue denim with tan sleaves, quilted inside for warmth. What makes this coat so SPECIAL TO ME IS THAT MY DOG IS PAINTED ON THE BACK. There is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Head, facing the left when you hold the coat up to view the back, with grass and ring's behind him. One of the rings is numberd 2. This is MY DOG...and MY COAT that means sooo much to me. It can't mean anything to anyone else. It was STOLEN out of my setup at the Wichita/Hutchinson/Salina Kennel Club shows, April 8th, 2000. The picture is what was used to paint the headshot. Please keep an eye out at shows for this coat. There will be a reward. I want my coat back, no questions asked...I dont' care who took belongs to me and is very special to me. There is a RWD ribbon in the pocket from Scottsdale AZ shows. Please if you have any information, please email or There will be a reward for my coat, if it's returned without damage. I can't afford to replace it anytime soon, and my Grandparents can't either. And if I can replace it, it won't be the same, because hand done artwork can not be duplicated by hand... Thank yoy So Much for your Help. Cassie Noe