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The Story of Anastasia

The year was 1917. The Russian czar and his family were celebrating the 300th anniversary of Romanov's dynasty. Everything was perfect and the little Princess Anastasia was the most beautiful star, but the little girl was very sad, because her grandma, the Dowager Empress Marie, was going back to Paris. The Empress knew that and gave a especial gift to Anastasia: a music box that played their music "On the wind, 'cross the sea / Hear this song and remember / Soon you'll be home with me / Once upon a December." and these words were written on the key to the music box: "Together in Paris". It would be a wonderful dream to both of them, but it didn't came true, because a nightmare named Rasputin arrived in the palace and brought with him the shadow of the revolution.

Rasputin wanted revenge and cursed all the royal family, but his plans didn't work out, thanks to Dimitri, a kitchen boy who helped Empress Marie and Anastasia to escape from the palace. Rasputin disappeared under the cold waters of Volga River while the Princess falled from her grandma's grasp, lying on the ground, separeted from Marie who was going to Paris.

Ten years had passed. Russia was a new and sad country, but Russians said that things could be better: "Princess Anastasia maybe still alive"- they sang along the streets.

In another part of the country,an orphan named Anya was leaving the orphanage where she was brought up. This eighteen-year-old girl deceided to look for her past, following her dreams, a necklace (We know this! It's the key to Anastasia's music box)which she always had and a puppy called Pooka that appeared on her way, showing her which path was the right. The path that would take her to Paris, on a great adventure.

Before going to Paris, Anya met Dimitri and Vladimir in St. Petersburg. They convinced her that she could be the lost Russian Princesss and she was supposed to go with them to Paris to find out whether she belonged or not to the royal family. Of coursee the two men were lying, because Dimtri had the lost music box and just wanted to find a girl to play the part of Anastasia, so he could received the reward. Anyway, they went to Paris.

Underground, Rasputin was alive and knew all the rumors about the Princess through his albino bat named Bartok. Once again the evil monster was going to try to kill a Romanov, with the help of his beloved creatures to whom he had sold his soul. The nightmare was just beginning to Anya and her friends.

On the way to the city of lights, many things happened: the train was destroyed, Anya almost died on the waters, but none of them could stop our friends and the romance that was developing between Anya aand Dimitri. Valdimir was also training Anya to convince Marie that she was Anastasia.

When they arrived in Paris, Anya was asked a lot of questions and remembered how she escaped from the palace:"There was a boy and he opened the wall". Dimitri realized that Anya was Anastasia, because he was the boy who helped the Princess and Marie. He convinced Marie to talk to Anya, but he also knew that he should leave Anya's life. He thought that Princesses didn't get married with kitchen boys.

After a long talking, the music box and the necklace showed Marie the true: Anya was the lost Princess. How happy they were! However, there was a misundestanding, because Anastasia thought that Dimitri just wanted the reward and did not care about her; and Dimtri thought Anya could never love him, so he deceided to leave Paris. Marie noticed that Anastasia was missing Dimitri and deceided to let the girl choose her future.

On the day that she was presented to Paris, Anastasia had a surprise: Rasputin was waiting for her on the gardens. The death seemed to be right to the brave girl, but Dimitri came back on the right time and saved Anastasia. That was the end of Rasputin's revenge. The Princess, at last, destroyed the monster who killed her family, the Romanvs.

But it's not the end of the story. Knowing her past and having her family's love, Anastasia left Paris. It was the begginig of a new jorney to the Russian Princess, because she had chosen Dimitri's love.