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Welcome Aboard the Virtual Carrier


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12/3/99 - Tons of new Demo Game Downloads, and a new look is coming! The Message Board is in the Wardroom.- Link on left takes you there. Please use it.

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Welcome to Koss's. Here we sail aboard the Virtual Carrier U.S.S. Midway, and fly and fight from her decks. I fly Fighters Anthology, but here you will find useful stuff about all sorts of different Flight Sims. There is a whole new theme coming, and I'd appreciate your feed back. My name is Dave, and my call sign at Jane's is "Koss1" (gotta have a 5 letter call sign at Jane's Combat Net, thus the "1"). If your into flying or flight sims, then this is your place. You're not flying, so sit back, read, study, or chew the fat. It's always under construction, so please bookmark and check back often. This site is a source of information, tips, help, and answers about Flying in these Sims. Playing Electronic Arts / Fighters Anthology is about the most fun and flexible way I know to indulge my need for speed. For realism, check out the Links and the Downloads Pages. There are links to Lib file downloads. The 714lib has VERY realistic flight models. "IceLib" makes air to air and ground attacks tougher, and fighter enemies smarter! Learn how to run a lib file in the Dogfight / Tips section. If ya' ain't got Fighter's Anthology, go get it!! One of, if not THE best multi-player online flight sims in the business. You need a good computer to handle it, and it ain't cheap, but neither is anything worth having. If you are very fond of a different Flight Sim and are an expert on some aspect(s) of it, write me. maybe we can create a whole page devoted to your sim, with you as the contributing editor! And now a word from our sponsors:

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I have added a Dogfighting Training page that outlines using the new Jane's for all New Rookie pilots, with help on flying Air Base Assault (ABA) missions in Fighter's Anthology now available at Star's A.B.A. Page (Impact, Boom, oh yes!!) go to the Links Page.


OK, if you are new to Flight Sims, and don't actually have any, then wouldn't it be nice to try before you buy? Well, your old buddy Koss here can help. Look around every page on this site using the navigation buttons on the left frame, get a feel for it all, and if you want to try some of the Games, then go to my Downloads / M&L Page and use the links to either download games or go to sites that allow you to download. The complete WW1 Sim "Flying Circus" is available for download, as well as many others. I have links to get you there! Webmasters: click the free banners button on the left for a custom banner of your own. *FREE* for flight sim webmasters!

Just want to contact me? Use ICQ to reach me. What!? You don't have ICQ?? Well, keep reading.

If you don't have ICQ (chat and instant messaging program), GET IT. You won't regret it. This is far better than any Instant Messaging program I have seen (way better than AOL crap). Just go to and download it for FREE.Go to the Links Page and find the ICQ/Mirabilis link, no excuses, you can download it right now. It won't be free forever, so do it now while you can. Why? Cause anyone doing this for awhile has it. I do! And ICQ allows you to know when your friends with ICQ are online, and communicate with them instantly. It has terrific links, chat rooms, and a personal communications center, all for free.

I can use all the ideas and comments / resources that I can get so as to make this site a place you can use, so drop me a note if you have any. Also, I am asking for any missions / campaigns / libs for Fighter's Anthology that you tinkerer's might have created out there. E-mail 'em to me in zip format please. Thx!

End transmission, RTB, Koss.

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