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MEFO MFE 99 Sport Explorer Tires

Product review:
MEFO MFE 99 Sport Explorer Tires for the KLR 650.

UPdate: 18 months and 11,640 miles later.

During 15+ yrs. of KLR650 ownership ( I bought my first KLR in 1989), I have experimented with 5-6 different brands of Dual Sport tires for the Multi-Surface Kawasaki KLR 650.

I can honestly say that the MEFO MFE 99 Sport Explorer Tires are an excellent match for the versatile KLR 650.

Although the tread pattern looks fairly aggressive on a KLR650, I would rate these DOT approved tires a 50/50 street/dirt tire as they lasted a very respectable 11,640 miles, seeing primarily street and some hard packed dirt/gravel roads in New England.

Mounted to my '93 KLR650, they provide excellent grip in all situations, while leaned over in corners, making good traction on wet roads and handling gravel and dirt roads with ease. They are very stable going over milled asphalt and all types of steel bridge deckings with a minimum of wandering.

I use my KLR for some fairly extensive touring when I have the chance. During a 1500 mi. street/dirt grand tour of Maine, I found the MEFO MFE 99 Sport Explorer Tires to be very quiet, well below the wind noise level of my Shoei helmet. The MEFO MFE 99 Sport Explorer Tires are made in Germany where they are used by Honda Trans Alp riders and are perfectly suited to a heavy-weight multi-surface steed such as the venerable KLR 650.

I would positively like to note that the MEFO MFE 99 Sport Explorer Tires are rated for speeds in excess of what a KLR 650 can achieve, and that they did not exhibit any signs of abnormal wear after over 11,600 miles.

UPDATE: I finally got around to changing the front tire ( yes, I did the dismount and mount myself) with 11,640 miles showing on the KLR's odometer since the MEFO MFE 99 tires were installed. The back tire probably has at least another 500 miles on it before it is toast. I would heartily recommend to any KLR rider these long lasting Dual Sport tires as they are excellent performers at both dirt, street touring and when you have to - just running around town.

DOT and E Code Approved
Great gravel and road tires
Long wearing
Handles well on paved roads
Rated top speed 118 MPH (190 KPH)
I wish to Thank Steve at for the support (tires) I have received.

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