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Fall Foliage Info

Leaf watching , in my modest opinion, is definitely easier and more fun on a motorcycle, than in a climate controlled SUV. Whether multi-surface motorcycling on a KLR through Vermont, New Hampshire or other quaint New England locales, booking along a 3 mile sweeper in the High Sierra Nevada Mtns, or just day tripping through the nearest National Forest, fall foliage season is fast approaching.

Leaf peepers can see the start of a weeks long continuum by going to the higher elevation forests first, usually in late September. Lower foothills and areas in drought conditions often don't really get cranking until mid- late October.

It's tough to condense the peak time of color into a short period, like trying to capture a concerto into a short soundbite. It's easy to spend countless moments among the tall trees, granite boulders, streams and lakes while taking in the bright colors.
In a pinch, try calling the Chamber of Commerce in the towns you will be visiting, to see if there are any private individuals who will rent out rooms to visitors during this period.. Occasionally you will find accomodations that are off the beaten path and get a real feel for the local color this way.

The pull down menu above has fall foliage webcams and local updates for current foliage reports.

Thanks for looking and keep the rubber side down.

Conall O'Brien
9/15/03 in Damariscotta, Maine
93,95 KLR650

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Fall Foliage Updates

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