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Kiara Earthwalker Home Page

This is the homepage for Kiara Earthwalker, Pleiadian Lightwork teacher and practitioner, and Hawaiian Dolphin swims. You may contact me at for information on classes, sessions, and other events. I am also available for private sessions, intensives, and customized classes in Denver, Colorado. Besides teaching Pleiadian Lightwork, I am also a licensed psychotherapist, astrologer, hypnotherapist, and massage therapist, and have been working for many years assisting people in kundalini and spiritual emergence process. We are in the midst of intensely accelerated times, leading towards a collective shift into the fourth dimension. There is a likelihood this could happen as soon as July 26, 2000. For more information on the "time spiral" converging to "zero point" next summer, please look up the following link to The Chrysalis Foundation. Many blessings in your journey towards the One!

For further information:

Pleiadian Lightwork
Chrysalis Foundation