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Kerri appeard in a guestrole in the tv-series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" on december 10th.
Also i've heard rumurs that Kerri turned down the Goonies sequal. If so i respect that, but she would have kicked ass in a sequal.

Bellyfruit is now avalible on video. You can find it at
. I still haven't seen it, but it got some nice reviews.

Since i'm not the greatest of writers, i've decided give this site a new fresh recruit.
His name is Richard Nickerson and he's probably going to drop some bars now and then, so keep your eyes open.
Here he's talking about the rumours regarding a possible Goonies sequel. Go here to take a look.

Now there's a music section from The Goonies.
It's the score music from 1985 by Dave Grusin. You'll need a Real Player. Go here to listen.

Today someone smiled down on me (any many other as well), check this picture out (thanks Jeremy). This is great! You can really tell by everyones smiling faces, that they are enjoying "the goon-reunion" real much. And look at Kerri! She's more foxy than ever. I think the picture was taken during the dvd-documentary... That's right ya'll, you will find The Gonnies on DVD on August 27:th according to Erik at the It also seems like there's plans regarding a sequel coming up too, i dearly hope that our sugar-sweat lady is in it. I might add that the skinny man on the buttom right is Jeff Cohen, who played the chubby kid Chunk, quite a difference i must say. This picture belong to by the way.

There is a chat transcript with Kerri on I saw it a couple of months ago and forgott about it (ops!). Anyway you should read it, she actually says that she likes my site (YEAH!!!).

Back on track! I just got 50 MB from angelfire so now i will get started with this page. Like i mentioned before, i've done an interview with Erin Marie Payne who was a stand in and stunt double in Tainted Blood. You can check it out right here.

Well still wating, i hope ya'll bare with me... But when the up-date comes to place you will be able to read a new interview! YEAH!! With Erin Marie Payne who was a stand in and stunt double in Tainted Blood, not bad huh? The interview came out pretty good, you will be able to read it in one week or two...

You could see Kerri in thursdays epiode of ER. I will get back to that.

Okey, there hasn't been so many updates, but I'm waiting for more diskspace from Angelfire. In the next up-date, I will tell you about the new movie Sleep. Kerri seems to appear in it, I don't know so much about it yet.

Finally it's on-line, the Seventeen magazine article
'Kerri Green-Riding a Hollywood Whirlwind' from 1986, read it here.

MY OWN interview with James DuMont, who got a role
in Kerri's latest movie "BellyFruit" read it here

A smal interview with Kerri about "BellyFruit"
by LA Weekly, read it

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