Jacobs, William R., Family Tree
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William R. Jacobs Family Tree

Hi! This is Bill Jacobs (William Richard Jacobs) and I am researching my family tree. My father's name was Milton Richard Jacobs, born in Huntington Park, CA 5 Oct 1924, my mother was Frances Lorraine Orrick, born in Long Beach, CA 9 Mar 1927. If you have any information about any of the names that I've listed, please email me. Any information I have, I will be willing to share. All my information is or can be transfered to GED file format.

Email: bill_jacobs@bigfoot.com
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Well, I've heard nothing for what I've got posted, so let's try this.

I would like to locate the following people:

Bob Neu - Thornton Township High School in Harvey IL in 1964.

Eddie Eldridge - Lemoore High School 1963.

Bill Wilkerson - Lemoore High School 1963.

Edwina Andreson - Lemoore High School 1963.

Missy Davis - Lemoore High School 1963.

Rick Allen - Lemoore High School 1963.