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Ok I must confess when I get weary of my duties as an online deity, I wander over to Yahoo's Books & Lit Chat Room and sometimes Gorpies. Some of the more interesting chatters you might encounter there are listed below. Of course I know you will tell me if I left you off the list and if I missed your web site. By the way we welcome newcomers in Books & Lit.

Madrone, Clodia's friend, Clodia, Kilroi, Happy, Arfster, Vicky in New York....noooo..Vegas
Other pictures from the Books & Lit trip to Vegas are available at Clodia's website.
Our next gathering will be in Chicago in May 1998.

All we did in Vegas was eat ... care to join us in Chicago?
If you want to meet us in Chicago look below for the web site.
If you would like to nominate someone for CHATTER OF THE WEEK, please e-mail me.