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Hanoi National Conservatory of Music

O Cho Dua, Dongda, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel:

Director: Prof. TRAN THU HA

The Departments of HCOM

  • Piano
  • Symphony Orchestra's Strings
  • Symphony Orchestra's Winds
  • Accordion - Guitare - Jazz
  • Vocal singing
  • Composition - Conducting
  • Vietnam's Traditional Music
  • Institute of Musical Research

A student of the Department
of Traditional Music

Activities of HCOM in 1999

  • Hanoi Orchestra Performs in Tokyo

    The Hanoi Conservatory's Symphony Orchestra performs in Tokyo October 4, 1999 as part of an Asian Music Festival.

  • A violin recital night

    Nguyen Khac Uyen (R) and Tran Ngoc Bich.

    A violin recital night, performed by Nguyen Khac Uyen, an overseas Vietnamese living in Norway, was held on December 5, 1999 at the Hanoi Conservatory's Main Concert Hall.
  • Chopin Night in Hanoi

    Frederic Chopin is known in Vietnam only through the pianists who performed his musical pieces and only a handful of the Vietnamese connoiseurs who could be able to enjoy his refined music. (Dec., 1999)

  • Vietnamese Music Performed in South Korea

Activities of HCOM in 2000

  • HCOM's musicians perform in Japan (Feb, 2000)

  • South Korean Cellist perform in Hanoi (Feb, 2000)

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