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  • INTEREST 1. In 1964 I began riding freight trains. The rides at first were short to Cumberland,Maryland;then to Chicago;by 1966 to Spokane,Washington;   then numerous trips across North America;and finally around the world and  the tran-Siberian railroad in 1971.   


  • Interest 2 Backbacking, desert experiences, Indian ruins

  • Interest 3 Reading! Currently I am reading a biography of Jack Dempsey. I just completed the history of Nicklas and Alexandra, the alte czar and Czarist of Russia. It was super.By the end of March I completed Give Me My Father's Bones, a true acount on an eskimo child who was brought to to America by Admiral Peary and literallt abandoned in New York. Currently reading a book on the Final Climb and John Irvings script for film Cider House Rules.

  • mInterest 4.  I built a log home in 1989-1991. The interior firepalces are constructed of local fossils as calamites,ferns, and lepidenrons. I cannot walk without looking at rocks and reading their histories. At home I enjoy working outside in the woods planting trees and flowers, pruning, and simply walking .log.jpg (41755 bytes)fireplace.jpg (32259 bytes)


  • Interest 5.  Running a draw bench in the winter of 1966-67 at Union Draw steel in Beaver Falls,I began writing poetry on the 12-8 shift: "who can run number fourteen draw bench/if you can here is your mic and wrench". I was influenced at Geneva College by Doctor Bass, his wife Jeri, Doctor Paton, and Miss Cowmeadow.

  • Interest 6. I loved the outdoors as a small child, and before I was ten, I was running a trapline. I caught muskrats, fox,coon, and possum. I opened my first bank account with money from furs.  To this day when I walk in the woods I study tracks and signs.

  • Interest 7. Hobbies and special interest have formed and shaped me. Early in life I collected stamps.  3cent postage stamps and red airmail stamps were my first.  My grandmother had hidden treasures of stamps and letters that we explored together. These early cherished memories are motivators of today's happiness.

  • Interest 8. My wife and I attend Chippewa Evangelical Free Church. We have attended here faithfully since the summer of 1991.  Harry Rabb, a former teacher friend  and Bertie Holmgren, a former pastor at the EF Church, influenced me to attend and helped my Christian growth.

Spring of 2000, for the first time in many years honey bees swarmed our trees.

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