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The Plant Basics of Hemp and Marijuana

What is the difference between Marijuana and Hemp, if there is any? Well there is a difference, let me explain. Both Marijuana and Hemp come from the same plant species which is Cannabis Sativa, although there is a strain called Cannabis Indica, it's hardly any different from Sativa and it's valued almost only for smoking. There are two main varities of the plant that come from Cannabis Sative, Hemp comes from the varity that contains a very small amount of T.H.C. (THC is the active chemical in marijuan that produces the "high" or theriputic effects) and it (Hemp) usually contains 1.5% THC or less. On the other hand the varity of Cannabis Sativa that marijuana comes from contains 4-20% THC. These plants are for the most part idendical, but searve different purposes for different reasons.

The two different varities of the Cannabis Sativa plant have developed just recently over the last 20 years. This is due mainly to people over the years constantly breeding marijuana plants to produce higher levels of THC, though that is not a bad thing, the more THC, the less inhales, the better your lungs feel! Hemp is physically stronger then the marijuana varity, it is more durable and tough, and serves a more useful purpose as being mad into raw materials. Marijuana is fragile but like a delicacy varity of the Cannabis plant, it can be bread and cross-bread to increase its potency, and thus the effects of the plant, for whatever reason it's smoked, recreational, social, medicial or spritually.

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