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Marijuana: Medical and Social

Marijuana commonly refers to the flowering tops of the Cannabis plant, it is smoked or alternatively ingested to obtain the various effects that it produces. Here is what will be explained in the following text; Marijuana as Medicine and a list of proven Illnesses Relieved by marijuana as well as Marijuana as Bud which explores the social usage. In addition, at the bottom is the Webmasters Commentary on non-medical marijuana explortation. For those who have never seen a picture of actual quality smoking maraijuana, a picture can be found by clicking >|Here|<
Marijuana as Medicine
Marijuana can be used as a vast source of relief from the symptoms of many serious illnesses, for thousands of years mankind has been smoking the plant for those reasons. Today many sick patients have been denied or put through rigorous circumstances to obtain their medical marijuana to ease their illness, in fact some sick people have given up on waiting for aproval from hospitals who have to obtain permisson through the government to get their marijuana, so they resorted to illegal methods. The smoking parts of the Hemp Plant are of great medical value, without taking harsh perscriptions, some even with unwanted side effects, a patient can obtain feelings of calmness, well-being as well as prevented nausea, stimulated appetite, reduction in blood pressure, suppressed convulsions, decline in muscle spasms and much more, all these contribute to a positive mentality that aids in healing.

Illnesses Relieved
--The following is a list of many of the illnesses, diseases, or conditions that Marijuana has been proven to cure, aid in healing, help relieve pain from treatments, (such as radiation treatment for cancer) and/or in other ways positively benefit the patient mentally or physically some way or another throughtout their unpleasent ordeal.--
| glaucoma | Aids | cancer | epilesy | MS | cramps | migraines | pain relief | stress | nausea | high blood pressure | loss of appetit | muscle spasms | convulsions | insomnia | low immune system | high IOP (Inner Ocular Pressure) | anorexia | nervosa | vomiting | sickle-cell anemia | earaches | PMS | emphysema | closed air passages in the lungs | and finally: the resin from the plant sooths and heals burns and cuts | and much, much more!!

Marijuana as Bud
Marijana is obviously not just for the sick, for many hundreds of years people have been smoking or ingesting the herb socially. In earler times, Marijuana was used in various religious rituals and ceremonies to bring together a tribe or group in praise of their God, hallucinogens were used also in these types of social, religious explortations. But what about today and the average recreational smoker, is anything wrong with him? Yes and No is my answer, yes because the average young marijuana smoker tends to abuse the herb by smoking it five hundred times a day, thus leading to unproductive use and an unproductive day. Instead of smoking maraijuana every time a bird flies in the summer, the individual should saver each and every experence, taking part only when he or she wants to enjoy the company of their friends in a very relaxed and social way in a perfect surrounding...out of the public's eye! Today's positive marijuana smoker, after smoking the herb for a little while starts to develope into a calmer, more friendlier person and becomes aware of their own motive for wanting the effects of pot. Another benefical use of marijuana is as a relaxant, after coming home from a hard days work, nothing could be more soothing then to enjoy a nice spot of pot in a comfortable chair!
If marijuana was legal it would be treated just as alcohol but abused far less, no smoking in public as like alcohol, social smoke houses much like today's alcohol bars but all pot would start out, many of them like Europe's legal weed contries they would be like coffee shops. There would be no infractment for growing one's own marijuana and of course all the possibilites of Hemp would be utilized in it's legal free growing state.

Webmasters Commentary
Now we move on to the most productive use of marijuana besides medical and industrial. Everyone's heard of the "mind-expanding" drugs, but what does it mean? these drugs are your basic hallucinogens, marijuana, opium and other natural drugs. When used properly they can tell you anything you want to know about your mind and open any door contained within. We will only talk about marijuana used in this such way, since this is a maraijuana website. It's far beyond us to say why drugs have always help the artist create but indeed he has used the drugs for inspiration. From painting and sculpting to writing and poetry, as well as music and philosophy, every art has its predecessors who obtained much inspiration from the drugs they used. What I am getting at here is that only the users knows why he or she takes marijuana or a drug and for what reason, only he or she knows if they have benefited from it or let it slowly waste their time and mind. A person can smoke the drug to clear their mind, fill their mind or inspire their mind, but it is always he or she that does not profit from lazy use, and that person usually starts a long path of abusing drugs instead of "using" them for his own personal and intellectual stimulus.
In conclusion, the drug can only be as beneficial as the user lets it be, but it can be as harmful and unproductive as the user lets it become.

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