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The Many Uses of Hemp Fibers

The fibers of the hemp plant are of enormous benefit, they are easily obtained from the plant and then refined for many, many uses. The following will explain so simply how, not only can the hemp plant provide as an industrial benefit, but also as an environmental saver. This page goes on to explain how, through hemp all removal of trees for wood purposes could quickly come to an end.

Hemp can be broken down into two different parts other then the seeds, these two parts are Fibers and Hurds which both come from the stalks of the plant. Hurds are the leftover fragments after the fibers are removed from the stalks, they are explained on the Hemp Hurds page. The fibers are contained within the inner bark of the plants woody stalk, they consist of many long strings of cells knited together. When the rest of the plant is removed from the stalks, the stalks are soaked in water or in other ways moisturized, then the fibers are crushed and beaten free. Once the fibers are obtained from this process, they can be made into any thickness of rope or very thin, refined thread, that can be woven into everything from quality textiles, sails and canvas to beautiful clothing, fine lenens and fabrics of all types and textures. The second equally empressive and beneficial use of the fibers are as a tree-free substatute for wood, at first you might think that it would be hard to turn a plant into wood that is good enough to build houses out of, but is's not, it's fairly easy. When Hemp Fibers are heated and compressed they can be made into fiberboard and other types of wooden materials. Hemp-wood is better then tree-wood for many reasons besides the obvious environmental, tree-saving factor. Hemp-wood won't warp, it is fire resistant, it is three times as elastic and two times stronger then tree-wood. There are thousands of applications where hemp-wood could be used instead of tree-wood, imagine the amount of trees spared if we only just made our fences from hemp-wood, now imagine almost all other uses for tree-wood replaced with hemp-wood. That would even actually give the world's rain forests a chance to grow again instead of decreasing every year. America has already stripped about 70% of its total forest land most of it in need for wood materials, an easy answer lays right out in front with Hemp.

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