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Welcome to a page of Links

In here there are several Links to excellent Hemp Web Sites, and other Links too.

Industrial Hemp & Informational Links

NORML is a great organization that is in the business of advanceing Hemp.
Click here to go to NORML's web site. is a website company full of marijuana related information.

The Cannabis Information Network has a bunch of information.
The Cannabis Information Network

Hemp Nation is a source to learn about Hemp the crop, farming, growing etc. is a guide for Marijuana on the Internet.
Yahooka! The guide to Marijuana on the Internet

Keep updated on the current Cannabis News.

Marijuana & Smoking related Links

High Times, the magazines' own website.

ClearTest- Products to help you pass any drug test.
ClearTest- Products to help you pass any drug test

Your smoking needs can be met at

Buy seeds online from the Hempseed Cybershop.

Useful Misc. Links

NewdArt.Com is a beautiful female nude art site. Only go there if your 18+
The first and only female nude art site of its kind!!

Get a free e-mail address when you visit
Have your email address be:

This is an excellent web site that is dedicated to a man who I've thought of as great, Timothy Leary.

I know there's a lot of you out there, so all you fans go to

If you want to encourage your congressman to look into Hemp Reform Laws or if your just plain upset with him or her then you can Write Your Representative Here.

If your 18+ and not registered, then vote against up-coming new marijuana laws by going here and Register Online To Vote.

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E-mail the Hemp Informer of this web site.