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Updated May 8, 2000.

Guess what? Finally some new info on this page. I am starting a new section on hiking. Basically, it will have pictures from any hiking trips I manage to make.

My plan is to do Longs Peak in August, and to get in shape for that now.......

My first trip was at White Ranch, and did about 4 miles. I am way out of shape, but was glad to make it and had a lot of fun.

I should get the pics back from it tomorrow or the next day. When I do, I will put up the hiking link, and will have sublinks for each trip I make, with text and pics.

Check back often. I am going to add a guest book too. If you want to be on a mailing list for when updates are made to this page, let me know.

I am currently doing a massive revamp of this page. Check back often.

If you want to add your page to my link list, email me. No porno links here. Email me with questions and or comments. Rick

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This page is currently under construction. My primary interest initially was Gold Prospecting, but led into Colorado History. Most of all, I like finding all the places I read about. Feel free to emc2 me with questions and comments and I will do my best to respond to them.