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The Probability Song!
       The Probability Song makes statistics super-duper fun!
It was originally made in August 1998 as a solution to learning the boring calculation of Normal Distribution the boring way. Instead of being monotonous and downright life-threatening the equation is made interesting by making it musical and flavourful.
So here it is! It is hip! It is fun! Try it and discover what life really is like eh!
Note that like in music, the gaps between the 'da's are time spaces.

Zed equals ex minus mu over sigma!
(da   -dadada-  da-da-  da-da-da)

Ex is the value, mu is the average!
(da   -dadada-  da-da-  da-da-da)

Sigma is the standard deviation!
(da   -dadada-  da-da-  da-da-da)

Put them on a bell curve and you'll get the answer!
(da   -dadada-  da-da-  da-da-da)

Maths is fun it's just so easy!
(da   -dadada-  da-da-  da-da-da)

Probability sux!

                    Z = X-m
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