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New Zealand Sounds

Here are a few examples of sounds that you may hear in New Zealand.
You'll hear them mostly in the bush, and occasionally in the cities every so often.

New Zealand has lots of cows. Here's the sound of a mad southland cow.
    Listen to it. (125k)

New Zealand has more sheep than cows. Just beware of the crazy mutant killer sheep from Taupo.
    Listen to it. (201k)

What the runaway tiger sounds like in the dense bush of the Volcanic Plateau.
    Listen to it. (119k)

This is the sound of a native New Zealand elephant.
    Listen to it. (17k)

Here's a sample of the local canaries from Porirua,
    Listen to it. (92k)

What about the legendary sound of the weekend rugby match?
    Listen to it. (36k)

You ever heard the sound of a kiwi in the bush? Kiwis stand 2.5 metres tall at maturity and are very
    territorial. Look out for the warning signals of a mad kiwi before it claws you to death.
    Listen to it. (14k)
    Listen to it. (402k)

What about the legendary sound of an All Blacks rugby match in full swing!
    Listen to it. (36k)

Do you want to come to New Zealand? It's really stressful listen to this office worker's day.
    Listen to it. (83k)

Don't go to Auckland. It's a living hell. This is Auckland on a good day.
    Listen to it. (760k)
How about some typical New Zealand music?
    Here's Fred Dagg. (You need Real Player audio for this download Real Audio for free! ).
    Listen to it. (710k but worth it!)

As we all know, New Zealand is mostly a farming country...

Fuzzywassyworld supports this gross stereotype
because it's true.

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