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 So who's Fred Dagg eh?
Fred Dagg, (aka John Morrison Clarke) is one of the greatest kiwi icons EVER! He is the bloke who graced New Zealand TV screens with the greatest example of kiwi culture besides Billy T James. He is a natural example of the national 'Footrock Flats' farmer wearing the legendary black singlet and gumboots. Fred really enjoyed "taking the piss"out of the post-pioneering Kiwi bloke and blokess in all sorts of ways, especially musically.

But how did he get so popular?

Clarke started off in a New Zealand farming family. He went to Australia in the late 1970s to expand his horizons, where he has established himself as a top script writer and personality, and has devised even more sophisticated ways of "taking the piss" out of the Aussies, as all true New Zealanders do. He appeared in a movie called Dagg Day Afternoon and made several LP records including Fred Dagg''s Greatest Hits (1975). His greatest songs are the unforgettable "Gumboot Song" and "We don't  know how lucky we are!" (it has been re-released in 1998 and is better than ever) of the mid-1970s, and many people believe they should replace our national anthem. But who knows? Watch this space folks, eh! (The lyrics are supplied at links below.)

Click below for links to the soon-to-be kiwi national anthems
 The Gumboot Song
 We don't know how lucky we are!
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