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Welcome to my Furb-tote page.

We have 4 Furby's in our home. Sean, our 3 year old, was carrying his around by it's ear. The older kids seemed uncomfortable carrying theirs around too. He's a slippery little guy. After spending all that money on them I didn't want them getting messed up.

I sat down that night and came up with the furb-tote. It works great. I had to make one for each of my kids. We all love them. I no longer worry Furbys ears or toes are going to fall off.

We found other people who loved them too. Now I'm giving you the opportunity to have a furb-tote for your Furbish pet.

Available colors are black, brown, dark blue, bright blue, red, green, camouflage, yellow, tan, and white. Or any 2 combinations. Like blue and red.

I'm so excited about this, I'm selling them for $5.00. And I'll ship for FREE!!!!!(In the USA)

My email address is If any of you would like a furbtote please feel free to email me.

Sincerely, Teresa Scott Email:

Dane - 6 years, loves his furb-totes too!!!

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