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Hobby distillation or home distillation is for some long outdated reason prohibited. With this site we want to create an opinion for the legalization of home distillation. Home distillation is legal in many countries but not here. It is time for the Scandinavian countries to adapt their legislation to modern times. Today's antiquated legislation is upheld by politicians who does not understand distillation, they believe a still can create alcohol.

Our parliament and government is enforcing their view in legislation with almost no contact with the views of ordinary people. What would the result be in a referendum? We have the same mentality in our government controlled monopoly shops, overpricing their products and treating us like criminals, always humiliating us in all possible ways. All of this will only result in heavy drinking instead of a social responsible usage of alcohol. Thanks to the EEC though, these politicians are now loosing some of their powers and are instead themselves placed under guardianship, forced to give up more and more of their unnecessary and stupid control of ordinary people.

Home distillation as a hobby should have been legalized long time ago. A still does not manufacture alcohol, it will simply separate it from your legal home made beer or wine. It is still the same alcohol, your own property. You will be affected in exactly the same way weather you drink it in its distilled form or in the beer or wine. It should be an obvious right to choose in which form to drink your own legally made alcohol. Legislation is lagging in this matter but now is the time to catch up, politicians should be allowed to have their opinion but must come out of their ignorance and stop punishing the better informed general public who may have a different opinion.

There is home distillation in Scandinavia, often as "protest" distillation performed by people who could afford to pay the government overprices but simply feel that they will not be bullied anymore. This is their protest against the outdated legislation.

This site is NOT here to encourage illegal home distilling. Instead, we want to create an opinion for legalizing home distilling. We do it by informing about how it is done and why we feel it is time to change legislation. We hope that Scandinavia soon will reach the same level as Italy and many other civilized countries where it is legal to produce your own alcohol.

This site is under construction. We are grateful for new material and suggestions, send us an email at freedistillation@yahoo.com.