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Links to books on home distillation

The book Home Distillation of alcohol. A very good book, covering all you need to know about how to do it with quality. Available in Swedish, Norwegian and English. Download as a file and purchase the password for only $5 online or by mail.

The book Making Gin and Vodka. A good book about amateur distillation. It contains drawings for a super high quality still that produces alcohol so clean you don’t even need to filter it through charcoal afterwards. The backside is that distillation will take an extra 10 hours. English text, pay with credit card and the book will be posted from Canada.

With both books you will know all there is to know! The books are recommended in the same order they are told about. Home Distillation of alcohol tells all but Making Gin and Vodka has such a good description of classical distillation of 95% pure alcohol that it is probably impossible to tell it better.

We have ordered and read most of the books on the market. None of them are even close to the caliber of the two above. Many books will give you completely wrong information and they seem to be written by someone who doesn’t know anything about distilling but merely cut and pasted from different sources in order to make money.

Notice: Making your own spirit is illegal in Scandinavia and many other countries. Our links is for the curious only. You must consult the law in your country before you practice anything you read.