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Antiquated legislation on home distillation

The current ban on home distillation is founded on an antiquated legislation from the times when people used to get drunk daily when enough alcohol was provided. These people had a low level of education and lacked today's focus on personal health.

Today the old legislation works the other way around, by surrounding spirit with so many restrictions it becomes exciting. Spirit, wine and beer is nothing stranger than completely natural food products. They are natural parts of the everyday life and should not be surrounded by special regulations with the only effect of making them even more desirable. The best way to use alcohol is like any other food product, maybe used more at the special occasions than every day.

If you make your own alcohol as a hobby you will probably find yourself developing an even more sensitive and relaxed attitude towards it rather than resorting into heavy drinking. Tasting, flavoring, experiments and refinement - all these activities, preferably with friends, will lead to a more social attitude towards alcohol. The opposite may very well be the case when you find yourself squeezing the last drop out of the "mystical, overpriced bottle".

Many would stay at home during their holidays, brewing different specialties rather than traveling abroad and spend their money. From home brewing, a few of us would go on to a professional skill level and create new products and companies with the following export revenues. Absolut Vodka with its 500 million bottles annually could very well be followed by others yet to come.

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