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Field of Glory Resources


Please note that many these are links to different pages for different LARPs. So don't be confused when you see Dagorhir etc.


Build a generic Dagorhir sword, by Magor

Build a basic Dagorhir sword, by Dagorhir Talinor

Build a Numenor Dagorhir sword, by Numenor Dagorhir

Build a Glendorian style sword, by Brendan

Build a Shindar thrusting tip for your sword, by Arundoor

Build a Dagorhir legal arrow, Dagorhir Basic Rules

Build a Numenor Dagorhir Javelin, by Numenor Dagorhir

Dagorhir Spear/Halberd-Good! Check it out!

Build a Numenor Dagorhir shield, by Numenor Dagorhir


Make a Simple Tunic, by Numenor Dagorhir

See Links page for more costuming resources


Chivalry Sports Online-A large selection of REnaissance/Medieval costume, armor, and equipment.

Museum Replicas-Good Costume

Distant Caravans - A very inexpensive medieval clothing store. (Featuring products from Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Poland and the USA)

Gryphon's Moon - A great online source for all types of Renaissance/Medieval Clothing, Jewelry, and more. They do SCA events, LARP events, and online ordering.

Howdy to your face! - An inexpensive source for pre-1600's medieval & Renaissance garb.

Milieux Costume Site - A great source of historical and fantasy costume research links.

Moresca Clothing and Costume - The name says it all. These folks are one of the premiere purveyors of clothing for Rennaisance Festivals, SCA events, etc.

Renaissance Crossroads - These guys sell clothes, replica weapons, leather, musical instruments. You name it, they probably have it.

 Renaissance Market Place - Books, Clothes, Calligraphy, Coins & Medallions, Fine art & drawings, Food & Drink, Jewelry, Leather goods, and much much more. This site has an extensive online catalog.

Sabretooth - Sabretooth has been providing quality  theatrical fangs, vampyre aesthetic, special effect contact lenses, publications and events since 1995.

Strangeblades and More - A page on how to make chainmail, in lots of different styles and patterns.


Proper Elizabethan Accents-I know, I know, it's Elizabethan/Renaissance accents not Dark Age accents but it's close enough for Field of Glory.



How to make Cuir Bouilli by baking leather in wax, by Seldon

How to make Cuir Bouilli by boiling leather in wax, by Granifar and The Viking Girl

How to make Cuir Bouilli by soaking leather in melted wax, by Master Duncan Saxthorpe of Alnwick of the SCA

How to make Leather Vambraces, by David Clemons of the Andor Armor Library

Frequently asked questions about leather armor, from the SCA news group

Chain Mail

How to make chain mail rings, by Jason Aller

How to make chain mail rings, by Strangeblades and More

How to close chain mail rings, by Strangeblades and More

How to make a 4 in 1 European pattern, by Strangeblades and More

How to make a box pattern, by Strangeblades and More

How to make a 6 in 1 Oriental pattern, by Strangeblades and More

How to make a coif using the expanding rings method), by David Clemons of the Andor Armor Library

How to make a coif using the block head method, by Capt. Swinney, US Army and from the Andor Armor Library

Techniques for chain mail shirts and coifs, by Duke Manfred Kreigstriber of the SCA

Table of Mail Patterns (5-30-96), by David Clemons of the Andor Armor Library

Medieval and Dark Age Resources

Peoples of the Dark Ages
ORB--Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
The PSC Medieval Society Official Medieval Links List
Labyrinth Home Page
The Online Medieval and Classical Library
NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
Byzantine and Medieval Web Links
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Home Page
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Link to Ancient History
Medieval Sourcebook: Introduction
BRIGANTIA home page
Link to Ancient History
Ancient Rome
Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure and Knowledge
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Medieval Weapons & Armour Page
Therion's Armor and Weapons Page
Arador Armour Library
Arms and Armour of the Anglo-Saxon
Byzantine Armour
Chainmail Connection
Roman Armour And Equipment
Shield and Weapon Weights


Milieux: The Costume Site
Footwear of the Middle Ages
Gallery of Garb

Clans and Tartans
Norse Costume

Oriental Dance Costumes
Oriental Costumes
Roman Costume
The Museum of Costume
Blackwork Embroidery Archive

The Byzantine World
The Ancient Celts
Viking Footwear
The Costume Page - Organizations & Events

Clip Art

IconBAZAAR - Bars and Banners
Medieval and Fantasy Fonts
NetSERF: Medieval Art
Medieval and Fantasy Clipart
Cool Graphics: Clip Art, Backgrounds, Animations, Icons
The Clip Art Connection
the Clipart Directory

Other links of possible interest

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Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage
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