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This is CoCo's first very albums, released through Capital Artist in 1994, quite a small label though, but this album does received quite a little attention especially the song, I Am Still Your Lover, 我依然是你的情人. Another nice song in this albums is named Rose Garden, 玫瑰園. Due to the poor marketing job by Capital Artist, this album hit the "Top 10 Lowest Selling CDs", but it did reach a sales record of 130,000 copies in Taiwan!

Second CoCo's album, Promise Me, 答應我. Released in December 1994 too, through Fancy Pie! The title song, 答應我, was quite a nice song but there's another song which I prefer, Let The World Be More Beautiful, 讓世界更美麗 (Merry Christmas), a christmas song, and I love the part where CoCo and some kids singing together!
This CD crowned CoCo as the "Outstanding New Artist Award" for Taiwan in 1994 when it made a record in sales of more than 300,000 copies, much more than her debut album!

CoCo's first ever English album, Brave Enough To Love released in June 1995 through Fancy too. Most of the song are not original, which simply means that producer wanted her to sing song previously sung by others singer, including Whitney Houston (I Will Always Love You), Mariah Carey (Hero) and Ace Of Base (The Sign). this magnificent album push CoCo to be the Top Selling artist to ever released an English album, but record already been broken!

Woman Being Loved, 被愛的女人, is CoCo's third Mandarin album, released through Fancy Pie in September 1995.
One of CoCo's greatest albums in Fancy Pie, quite a tough album to find nowadays, but it does comes in a package of 4 CDs called 全胜時代. I am not sure about the content of that pack, since that I've never seen it before!

A concert CD CoCo had in 1995 in Taiwan. The songs in this CD include her early hits such as I am Still Your Lover, 我依然是你的情人; Rose Garden, 玫瑰園; Promise Me, 答應我, and much more...!

Since CoCo joined Sony Music Taiwan, this is her first album being released in 1996, A self-titled album, CoCo 李玟.
Overwhelming response was received for this album, and inevitably, it climbed to the top of the chart in many areas including Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Some great great songs in this album are Yesterday's Passion, 往日情; Love Me A Little Longer, 愛我久一點 and a duet with Mindy Quah (柯以敏), She Cries Before She Sleeps, 她在睡前哭泣.
CoCo was titled as the Queen of Pop with this album and it's sales passed the 400,000 mark!

An English album, CoCo's Party was recorded in the States and CoCo had quite a few very nice ad-libs in this album!
Another Sad Love Song, formerly sung my Toni Braxton, was one of the songs in this album, having two version (Dance and Ballades), was profesionally performed by CoCo!

A compilation album released by Fancy Pie featuring most of her early great hits! It comes in a 2CDs package and disc 2 got a song named You Made Me Drunk, 你把我灌醉, which was originally by David Huang (黃大偉).

This album, released in May 1997, is a really really great great piece of art, none of the song feature you will find that it's not nice! Trust me.., I can't be wrong about this!
A trio with both her sisters named My Wings, 我的翅膀 is a real nice song, especially when her sisters are in, you can even feel the warmth between her sisters and her, so nicely executed! But the title track, Sincere, 每一次想你 and Loving You Is My Freedom, 愛你是我的自由 are one the the best in this album, and the latter's MTV featuring the real sexy CoCo!
A must get album!!!!

Another compilation, Dances With The Wind, from Fancy Pie, mostly of her English songs which includes Woman Being Loved, 被愛的女人.

CoCo's long awaited Cantonese album is now released in December 1997 by Sony Music. I personally LOVE the song, Longing To See You, 真想見到你. The song, Hurting Angel, 憂傷天使 is another great great song featured here where it reaches to our soul with it's sad but beatiful lyrics. Careful Next Time, 下次小心, is the title song for this album and as usual, a great piece of work from CoCo!
With this album, one can hear that CoCo's voice do matured alot. With this album, there are real sensual and sexy photographs of CoCo and some of the CDs do come with a MTV VCD, though that the quality is not up to mark..., but the CD still managed to compromise for that!

Di Da Di 暗示, CoCo's mandarin album in January 1998! PHEW...., another must-get album, and this is the album when I fell so madly in love with CoCo! She's got what it takes to cut this album, she did features some songs with her high-octave yet powerful vocal like Hint, 暗示 and After Winter's Gone, 過完冬季. But I like most for the Longing To See You, 真想見到你, a mandarin version of the one she had in her cantonese album, especially when CoCo wrote her own lyrics with her limited education in Chinese, Where that alone deserve something big!
Another song which worth a mention is Beautiful Bimbo, 美麗笨女人 (Obviouly not refering to CoCo!!), she portraits her voice into another "dimension", real nice song with a country-folk taste in it! Not forgetting the title song, Di Da Di, it was originally by Maria Montell, with the title of the song, As The Story Goes.
One of the very best song is this album I think, is Pet, 寵物, it's very very meaningful especially when CoCo sings it with much passion!
And CoCo gets a little "naughty" in this album, oops, should I say, knotty?

An EP, 5顏6色 Di Da Di, for the album Di Da Di 暗示. This EP features the France '98 World Cup Tournament song, representing Asia! Great huh?
The first 3 tracks are all Di Da Di but of different "flavours", it can get quite annoying though!

Sunny Day 好心情, is another of CoCo's mandarin album released through Sony Music in July 1998. Initially, this album don't sound that nice as the previous few, but after a few times of listening to it.., I find that it's just as good.., and my impression never changed since then. Two songs's lyrics are written by CoCo, You Are My Superman, 你是我的Superman and Sunny Day, and one can quite obviously notice that there's this "burping" part in Sunny Day, and that's the idea of CoCo.., though a little crude, but such ideas are very fresh!
Colors, 顏色, the Asia theme song for France '98, was fetured in this 12 tracks CD too! And not forgetting the song Reflection, 顏色, which she sang for Disney Animation, Mulan as the theme song, chinese version, where she was also the Mandarin voice-over for the character, Mulan!

This is another of CoCo's EP, Take a Chance On Love, 碰碰看愛情, though that many people said that this EP is a real disappointment, but I think that it's not that bad really, it's a little "kiddish" for the title song, but that shows that CoCo can sings more variety of songs, rather than keeping to ballades and Pop music! Another andarin song, thinking of you for 365 Days, 想你的365天, this is quite a nice song in my perspective, but alot of you don't agree with me I supposed, but there's an English song, Reflection, the theme song for Disney's Animation, Mulan, which was origianally by Christina Aguleira.
This is a 5 tracks EP with the last two being the karaoke version for 碰碰看愛情 and 好心情 respectively.

Live recording of CoCo's Concert in Taiwan, 1998 was released in December 1998 by Sony Music, the first ever concert's recording from this recording company!
The song, River Deep Moutain High, was dedicated for CoCo's mum who was in the audience crowd on the night of her concert, and CoCo made a real cute speech on how her mum loves this song when CoCo sings it!
Human Nature was there as the Guest appearance and they sang CoCo's song, Secretly Love You, 默默愛你, and CoCo was impressed with them too...! George Michael's Careless Whisper was also one of the songs which CoCo sang.

This 12-tracks album, Now Till Forever (今天到永遠), simply great! For me, I think that there's no one song that I don't like...., especially the first few, I love them! A must-get album!
Frankly.., nothing much that I describe on this great great album! And personally I may like track 1 (再見一面), 2 (Stay With Me), 9 (你是愛我的)& 10 (我們說好). I think that they are really great great tracks.
And in this album, CoCo now do have a little more involvment in the success of album. One last thing...., get this album! In some packaging ,it comes with postcards too, but I doubt that many people will actually send them out, right? It comes in a 2-CD pack, the other disc with only a song, Complete (完整).

Another 12 tracks albums, Just No Other Way, this time.., it's CoCo's Engish album, and what's more important is that it's a great great album! It's the best among her English album, what else can I say?
Her photos in these album are real sexy too, unlike her others English albums, this one really sounds ENGLISH! Some of the songs in this Just No Other way album does have some rap version which I personally don't really like..., just the rap part, of course not to pin point any artise, but it's just me that don't like rap, that's all...!
In one of the great songs, Can We Talk About It, Coco did says a sentence of chinese in it, which sounds real nice, it goes like this, 要不要聊一聊, 讓這分愛情變得更好, And her chinese when speaking does have this american accent in her, which sounds really enthralling! Phew...! And my personal favourites are Track 2, 6, 7 and 11; which are JUST NO OTHER WAY, WHEREVER YOU GO, I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND and CAN WE TALK ABOUT IT respectively!