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Techno Pagan & Wiccan Notes
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Using Herbs in a Spell

There are a lot of ways that herbs can be used in spells, but I will only include those practices that I use, because I know that they work. You may have to experiment to discover what works best for you. Remember: as always, this is just a guideline. You should customize all workings to fit your personality.

Herbal Correspondences

purification, protection, prevents nightmares
basilpurification, protection, exorcism, love, prosperity
chamomileprosperity, meditation, calmness
cinnamonpsychic powers, protection, success, healing, clairvoyance, prosperity
dillseeds: draw money and protection
flowers: love
hazelmental powers
hazel nuts: fertility amulets or spells
lemon balmhealth, success, love
mugwortdivination, clairvoyance, psychic powers, protection
*strongest when picked under a full moon*
nutmegclairvoyance, prosperity
parsleypurification, protection
pepperminthealing, purification
rosemaryprotects from negativity, blessing, consecration, aids memory, protection rituals (all kinds)
sagehealing, prosperity, wisdom
thymeburn for purification, protection from negativity, clairvoyance
yarrowhappy marriage, defense, protection


Perhaps the easiest way to perform magick with herbs is with sachets. A sachet is nothing more than a small piece of material stuffed with herbs and then tied shut with a string. I try to use a cloth whose color corresponds to what I am doing: i.e. if it is a prosperity working, I try and use green cloth. Simply gather the herbs and run your fingers through them, getting a sense of them, sending your energy into them. Then using a mortar and pestle, I crush the herbs while concentrating on what i want them to do for me. Because I like the Faery Tradition, I talk to my herbs as if they were beings: I tell them exactly what I want them to do for me, and I tell them that I will respect them and honor them in any way that I can. Then, after I feel that the herbs (faeries, devas, whatever energies you believe in) know what their jobs are, I place them in the center of a small square of cloth. Then, visualizing strongly my need being fulfilled (not working, but already completed!) I tie the sachet with a string. I like to cut the string long, because I incorporate cord magick into my sachets. To lend my spell extra power, I tie nine knots into the string, saying out loud:

By knot of one, this spell's begun!
By knot of two, this spell comes true.
By knot of three, this spell shall be.
By knot of four, with power more.
By knot of five, this spell's alive!
By knot of six, this spell is fixed.
By knot of seven, the goddess of heaven.
By knot of eight, the power great.
By knot of nine, this spell is mine.

Then, holding the sachet between my hands, I recite, "In no way may this spell reverse, nor bring upon me any curse. By all the Powers of Three times Three, as I will it, so mote it be!" At this point, I take the sachet outside and bury it. If you have nowhere to bury it, then I suggest burngin it in your cauldron, although try very hard to bury it somewhere. On your own property is best, but if you can't, bury it in parkl nearby, or even in a planter if you have one! Just surround it in Earth, to root your spell.

Poppets are made the same way, except that the cloth is cut out in the shape of a human, (or animal) and is used in healing spells predominately.

Herbs and Candle Magick

It is very easy to use herbs with candle magick. After your candle is dressed and lit, concentrate on your deisre coming true (not working but already fulfilled!) and sprinkle the corresponding herbs over your candle. For this practice, I generally use small candles and melt the bottom of them and stand them upright in my cauldron. The I sprinkle the herbs into the flame. (The flame will often spark or grow large--this lets you know that your energy is really going!)
If I feel that the spell is weak and needs yet more power, I will lay the corresponding herbs at the base of the candle, and then I will drop a few drops of a corresponding essential oil onto the candle and into the flame. Ths usually works well. If not, maybe you arne' tfocused enough. Remember: herbs and candles are merely tools. You yourself ARE the magick! It can't work if your mind isn't in it!

Using herbs with candle magick is very rewarding, and it can be mentally draining because there is so much prep work involved. But if your need is great, then I feel that it is well worth your time.


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