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West Routt Fire Department

(this picture has not been altered...it was taken as you see it)

The West Routt Fire Department is located in Hayden, CO (approx. 25 miles west of Steamboat Springs), and covers an area of 480+ square miles. There are 21 Firefighters, 4 of which are cross-trained as EMTs.
Apparatus for the department consists of:

  • 2 Tankers (2800 gallons each)
  • 2 Pumpers (1500 and 750 gallons)
  • 1 Engine (500 gallons)
  • 1 Wildland fire truck (1000 gallons)...this truck is circa 1967 and has been dubbed "The Dragon"
  • 1 Rescue/Communications truck
  • 1 Swift water rescue pontoon boat
  • 2 Staff cars
  • 2 Ambulances
There are 2 Crash Trucks housed at the Yampa Valley Regional Airport which is 2 miles east of Hayden. The Following pictures were taken July 29, 2000 during preparation for the Colorado Days Parade held annually in Hayden.

The 3rd vehicle from the left is the wildland truck.

Staff 79 has hooked up to the pontoon boat

One of the airport crash trucks manned by Dal Leck,
West Routt FF/EMT-B.


This picture is one of human interest. The lady watching the parade is a 98 year old Hayden resident and has been attending parades in Hayden for 50 years. She loves fire trucks and always wanted to ride in one. She got her wish last year when she rode in one of the engines in the parade. I took this picture from the ambulance as I went by. The other picture was in the paper the following day.


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