Kelly Rutherford

"You know I don't like your 'Stab' games."

--- Christine

KELLY RUTHERFORD joins the SCREAM 3 ensemble as Christine, Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber)'s girlfriend.

Rutheford appeared as a feisty lab technician opposite Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte in "I Love Trouble."

Rutheford's television credits loom large. She starred as callgirl Megan Lewis in the popular television series "Melrose Place." She has also been featured in several Fox series including "Kindred: The Embraced," "The Adventures of Brisco Country, Jr." and "The Great Defender." Additionally, she starred in the critically acclaimed series "Homefront" and in the movie-of-the-week "Buried Secrets."

Rutherford graduated from high school in Newport Beach, and moved to New York City and studied acting at the HB Studios. A few years later, she returned to Los Angeles and immediately began landing television and film roles.

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