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Myth II Individual Leader Board Myth II Order Leader Board
sunstyle Comet   jkap Full Moon the david eddings order Comet   ira dei Full Moon
27b8jh Sun   Blitzkad Crescent Moon this order sucks at myth2 Sun   black plague Crescent Moon
icky Eclipse   dragongod Crescent Moon bbbm Eclipse   evil empire Crescent Moon
unknown Full Moon   dragon59 Crescent Moon gwar, the scumdog legion Full Moon   bmf Crescent Moon

Overall Rank: #1

The David Eddings Order Standards:

  • David Eddings is the BEST Fantasy author.
  • We play fairly and fiercely.
  • Latina lingua optime bonusque est.(The Latin Language is the best.)
  • Interficiemus vos et tum tarde patimini multo tormento quia nostrae pertiae superant vos omne modo. Provocamus vos tentare pugnareque nos! Mors veniet omnibus arogantibus! ~translated~ (We will destroy you and then you will slowly suffer much torment because our skills surpass yours in every way. We dare you to try and fight us! Death will come to all the haughty!)

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