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Angel Bubbles


Push Mold - Baby Fairy, Baby or Cherub 3 oz flesh-colored polymer clay
8 oz. brown polymer clay (for tree stump) 100 mm acrylic bubble
Mini-curl acrylic doll hair Spanish moss
Small silk flowers 1/2 inch gold lame ribbon
Crochet needle or other sculpting tool Ceramic tile to bake doll on
Few drops of acrylic paint in brown, white, red, black, blue for doll's face; and brown acrylic paint to paint the tree stump. Of course, you will need your glue gun!

Preparing the Doll:

Using the Baby Fairy Mold, Baby Mold or Cherub Mold and following the instructions that come with it, make a little angel or fairy from polymer clay. Pose the doll into a pleasing sitting pose, and before baking the doll, open the acrylic bubble and sit the doll inside and "pretend" you are sealing the doll inside the bubble. You are only checking to make sure the doll will fit into the bubble when you are all done. Remove the doll from the acrylic bubble. Bake the doll (not the bubble!) according to the polymer clay manufacturer's baking instructions.

Again following the pattern that comes with the push mold, you will paint the face, wig and wing the doll all according to the pattern instructions.

Making the Tree Stump:

To make the tree stump base for the bubble, condition brown polymer clay and make an oval stump shape. In order to save on clay, you can create a center armature with a paper (not plastic!) Dixie cup. Fill the Dixie cup with tightly packed paper towel, cover the top with aluminum foil, turn over and use this as an armature, so to speak. You will cover it with the brown polymer clay and begin to thicken and build the tree stump from there.

Once you have a nice rounded stump shape, run your fingers vertically up and down the sides of the stump, creating indentations that will minic the bark and growth pattern of an old and ancient tree.

Once you have a tree stump shape you are happy with, you will take another piece of conditioned brown polymer clay and make a pancake shape. Ripple the edges a bit. Lay this pancake on top of the tree stump. The polymer clay should stick to itself, but you might want to smooth some of the edges to help it along.

Before baking the tree stump, take the closed acrylic bubble again, turn it upside down and insert the "ornament loop hole" of the acrylic bubble into the center of the pancake part of the tree stump. Pull the ornament out and using your crochet or sculpting tool, make the hole just a little larger. You are making a hole that you will ultimately glue the acrylic bubble into in the final stage of the project.

Bake the tree stump (not the acrylic bubble!), again following the manufacturer's instructions. Allow to cool.

Loop a piece of the 1/2 inch gold lame ribbon between the legs of the doll, and tie up on one shoulder. Add wings and she is ready to enter her floating forest bubble!

Putting It All Together:

Open the bubble and using your glue gun, glue in some Spanish moss in the bottom center of one side of the acrylic bubble. Let her legs stick out a little, so when you close the bubble, the doll is in the middle of both sections of the acrylic bubble, not all in one side. Remember too, you will be filling the bubble with the ornament loop hole at the bottom, which will be glued into the tree stump later. Glue the doll into the bubble. You can glue a couple of small silk flowers along around the fairy/angel in the bubble.

Close the bubble and glue into the tree stump. Decorate with ribbons, pearls, flowers, moss, whatever you have handy or your imagination dictates.

You can also paint the tree stump with a little glitter paint to give it more of a wonderland effect.

Design of Pattern and Project Copyrighted by Regina Edmonds - 2001

If you have any questions during your project, please feel free to contact me for assistance.

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