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Santa Head and Hands Molds - More Info

Make Santa Dolls, Santa Displays and Santa Ornaments using polymer clay and push molds.

Santa Face Mold and Santa Hands Mold.

Using a Styrofoam cone, polymer clay, the the Santa Hands and Face push molds, 
design your own Santas for the Holidays, for Gifts or "for sale"!

The Santa Face Mold is a one-sided mold. The Hands Mold is now one sided as well.

The set of push molds comes with a Pattern with Photograph

and instructions on how to make the Santa Doll, painting instructions, wigging/bearding instructions,

attachment of the boa, how to make and fill the toy bag.

Each pattern comes with full-size pattern for the outer garment, inner garment,

hood and toy bag with instructions on how to sew/glue.


You can also make Santa Ornaments. Make a Family Santa for each year.

Free project to make a Santa Ornament

Create Family Heirlooms. Great craft for the kids to make.

You will have all that you need to begin making Santas for every season and for every member of the family.

Note:  The Wizard doll is also made using the Santa Head and hands Molds.  
Only the pattern pieces and embellishments are different.
When ordering the Wizard doll, it comes with its own pattern.

Santa Head and Hands Push Molds


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