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By Referring or Selling FIVE STAR AUTO CLUB MEMBERSHIPS *****

The BENEFIT of Becoming A FIVE STAR AUTO CLUB CONSULTANT is your ability to earn both BONUS and optional AIP monthly commissions.  *****

FIVE STAR AUTO CLUB CONSULTANTS will be paid as follows: 1. A one time BONUS COMMISSION of $100 for each Personal Membership sold. 2. A monthly COMMISSION OVERRIDE of $20 or $40.   MONTHLY COMMISSION OVERRIDES are paid to MEMBERS in good standing and based upon their secondary MEMBERS also being in good standing. NOTE: In order for a MEMBER to earn commissions, he or she MUST also be a CONSULTANT. A CONSULTANT cannot lease a vehicle without qualifying as a MEMBER.  *****

REQUIRED FEES MEMBER: Annual Dues $395 Optional Auto Incentive Program (AIP) Monthly Dues $100 When a MEMBER chooses the option for our lease alternative plan (AIP), the FIVE STAR AUTO CLUB will escrow a cash amount equal to the total lease payments. The FIVE STAR AUTO CLUB will then allow the leasing company to withdraw the required lease payment each month. *****

CONSULTANT: Annual Fee $95 In order for a MEMBER to earn commissions, he or she MUST also be a CONSULTANT. NOTE: Anyone that elects to enroll as a CONSULTANT will be paid commissions as states above (reference table page 3). HOWEVER, should the CONSULTANT at any time elect to become a MEMBER, in order to qualify for a new vehicle he or she cannot use any prior sales to qualify for their new vehicle. NOTE: Should a MEMBER/CONSULTANT, after qualifying for a new vehicle desire to continue to sell additional memberships, he or she will be paid $100 personal commissions as well as monthly AIP commission overrides. ***** DRIVE FOR "FREE" *****

While the word "FREE" is often loosely used, QUALIFIED MEMBER/CONSULTANTS of the FIVE STAR AUTO CLUB can do BETTER THAN FREE ... (See Reference Table).  ***** HOW CAN I WORK HARDER AND EARN EVEN MORE MONEY? *****

LEADERSHIP PLAN: Due to the anticipated growth of the FIVE STAR AUTO CLUB, it will be in everyone's best interest to establish a team of field leaders, the first of which is a ZIP Leader. All leaders will be expected to help sell Memberships in their areas. For consideration and full details, contact the Five Star Corporate Offices. AREA CODE Coordinator and STATE Coordinator positions will be identified from those Members who have qualified as ZIP Leaders. Consideration is based on performance. Performance will be determined based primarily on these factors. ***** How fast you qualified as a ZIP LEADER? How many MEMBERS personally enrolled by you? How many MEMBERS enrolled from your ZIP CODE PREFIX? *****

These are the three (3) levels of leadership you can reach: 1. ZIP CODE LEADER - Will receive a $4 monthly commission override for every Member in that Zip Code. 2. AREA CODE COORDINATOR - Will receive a $3 monthly commission override for every Member in that Area Code. (Must also have a minimum 25 personal sales to be considered.) 3. STATE COORDINATOR - Receives a $3 Monthly Commission Override for every Member in the State. (Must also have a minimum 50 personal sales to be considered)      Introduction How Program Works Q & A Order Form *****

For more information contact Barry Edmonds 1-413-783-0453 E-Mail: