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Pi Rho Park

Check out my list of Most Wanted CDs and let me know if you can help me.

Tooth and Nail ROCKS!
My name is Josh (if you want personal info about me you'll have to email me)
I'm a Christian and I hope anyone reading this is one or would consider becoming one. It's REAL simple. All you have to do is believe that God sent His Son to pay for your sins(all the crap you've done and know is bad). Ask God to forgive you and then ask Him into your heart! Easy huh?

**Music News!!**
(4-9-01)Yesterday we had a good concert in Paonia. OUR CDs ARE READY FOR YOU TO ORDER!! Only $8!!!See the Kerusso website!(3-19-01) We opened for God's House for Benefit for Belarus
(1-14-01)Well,we (Kerusso) played our 5th concert last night at the Fire Escape in Montrose, we played as well as ever but the crowd didn't seem to dig us too much-so goes the music biz 10-16-00
That concert freakin' rocked!!! 10-5-00
I'm gonna see POD, FIF, Philmore, Pax 217, Beanbag, KJ52 and MG the Visionary in the next two weeks!! Also, my band had a succesful (mostly) concert in Montrose at the Fire Escape! Our next gig will be Oct.31 at the Brownson Arena in the rec. center of Mesa State College. OLD NEWS)
P.O.D. Rocks the Party!!! 7-14-00
I got my show back on KMSA! I am now DJ Darq! 4-14-00 AP2 has arrived! 1-4-00 AP2 has released a track called "My Sympathies" on a Tooth and Nail Sampler called "Cheapskates"-it rawks! Tooth and Nail is so cool, they sent the CD to me when i ordered a shirt!! 10-27-99 1) Squad 5-0 signed with Tooth and Nail 2)SMA broke up OLDer NEWS)New Celldweller info at the Circle of Dust site.>)I lost my show on KMSA
Everyone check out the band Left Lane Ends
Well, I'm a music freak and used to subscribe to CCM, 7ball, and HM. My favorite type of music is Techno, Industrial and Hardcore, but I LOVE all other genres. I used to have a stupid band called The CrudRockers(link below) and we were trying to be a real band called Reborn(working on that site). Pretty much the band right now is me, Wes, Nick and Aric(when we get together) I play bass guitar, Wes, plays acoustic and electric, Aric plays electric, and Nick (Our man with REAL talent)can play drums, piano and a bunch of other stuff too:) Also I'm involved with the worship team for Campus Crusade for Christ at Mesa State. Wes plays electric and acoustic, Jared plays lead guitar, Jesse plays way cool electric, Julie holds us together with keyboard, Jacob is our drummer and Luke our bongo player, Kristi plays flute, Amy used to do Tamborines, and Naomi is female BGVs! We are splitting into a band called Kerusso (link below)in which I of course play bass, Jared is main song writer/lead guitar, Jesse on awesome electric as well as Wes -and our drummer is a 14 year old dude named Jade-he rocks y'all!! Last but not least is my dark/techno side-project DarkWoods with my bud Josh C. Check out my awesome links(Some of my best links like Circle of Dust, Klank, Argyle Park and AP2, Level Saviour Machine, Aleixa and GlobalWaveSysyem, etc. have been moved to PiRhoPark2* (and soon Flaming Fish
(*8.16.00 PiRhoPark2 has been damaged)

Through out my journeys on the net i have found some really cool places to get hard to find CDs and good underground Christian Techno/Industrial/Darkwave/etc. Search my links and you just might find that Misguided CD you've been looking for. I have also found that occasionally has some gems if you can outbid the other vultures.
I'm also a chronic doodler. I'm working on my BA in Graphic Art so I can get involved in animation (preferably traditional but also computer) So I'm a CARTOONIST FOR HIRE! I have a strip called Toon In that you should like if you ever liked Bugs Bunny, Garfeild, Alvin & the Chipmunks or just cartoons in general. Check it out at the Toon In World link below!!(Also check out my peanuts tribute at!!)

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Click on MEto see me!(My senior pic)
And Click here to seeMe right after my 20th B'Day
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My list of MOST WANTED CDs:
*Circle of Dust-The 1992 debut(not the 1995 remake)
*Klank-Numb(The general release out in early 2000)
*Metamorphosis(an R.E.X. compilation with Circle of Dust, Brainchild and Living Sacrifice)

Bands I've seen in concert(not in order):
*Kik-butt concerts:
The Elms
The Benjamin Gate
Audio Adrenaline
The O.C. Supertones 2
Relient K
Five Iron Frenzy
Code of Ethics
Newsboys 2
Skillet 2
Starflyer 59
M.G. the Visionary
The Invisibles
Sole Agression(Heartfelt)
Sanctified Sister
The Calicoes
Upsidedown Room
*Pretty Good Concerts:
Crystal Lewis
Geoff Moore & the Distance
The Smiley Kids
Altered Hygene
Michealangelo & the Difference
Red Exit
Darin and the 40 year olds Crossed Eyed Fish
Mustard and the Works
God's House
*Wimpy Concerts:
Michael Card
Al Denson
Steve Green
Don Francisco
John Baily

Book I'm reading right now:Tribulation Force
Latest books I've read:
Left Behind,Mere Chritianity by C.S. Lewis, Jesus Freaks by dcTalk and Voice of the Martyrs, Darwin on Trial, by Phillip E. Johnson and Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity by Josh McDowel

Movies that I recommend (but don't really endorse):
The NeverEnding Story
The Princess Bride
The Crow
The Labyrinth
Iron Giant
The Prince of Egypt
Pulp Fiction (Caution)
Waynes World 1&2
So I Married An Axe Murderer
The Bone Collector
Dark City
12 Monkeys
The 13th Floor
The Last Unicorn
Austin Powers and the sequal The Spy Who Shagged Me
Con Air

See the answers. | Answer these questions. (KMSA the college radio station i DJed at.
Meredith: (Ewwwww! The Wisconsin Wrats!!) (RaeAnne's Page) Virus:Odd
Page last updated 3.19.01

My Top 24 List of Bands/Groups(in no peticular order)(and definetly not carved in stone!)

If you're at all like me with music and stuff, these sites will tie you up for hours at a time. There are record labels,music stores,bands, and friend's pages here:

Toon In World!
My bro Wes' homepage.
REBORN (a band I once was involved in)
Ptroy's Wonderful HomePage
darKwoOds(Version 1)
Tooth & Nail Records
Cross Rhythms Music
Joy Electric--one of many JE pages
Mason the Dewboy's page
CCM Magazine (No more chat)
Rose Records
N.Soul Records
WorldWide Message Tribe
Rugged Cross
HM Magazine (probably the best magazine in the world)
Kerusso!! (My functioning band)
7 Ball (A very, very cool magazine)
Adrienne's Page
Jesse's Page
J House!!!